The Center for Equity for English Learners (CEEL) was established in 2006 with the purpose of improving educational outcomes for English Learner and Multilingual students. CEEL has a strong reputation for the consistent quality and rigor of its work, its pioneering approach to integrating principles of equity and inclusion into language education, and a highly collaborative, interdisciplinary approach. CEEL’s unique trifold strategy of research, policy, and professional learning informs and influences leadership and instructional practices for California's 1.1 million ELs and the nation's 5 million English Learners.


English Learner and Multilingual education is research- and evidence-based, and fully integrated into the U.S. education system.
Language, literacy, and all content instruction for English Learner and Multilingual students is assets-based, equitable, and just.
English Learner and Multilingual students and their families are valued and engaged as partners in the education process.

Mission and Goals

The Center for Equity for English Learners (CEEL) ensures equity and excellence in English Learner and Multilingual education by transforming educational systems and practices as collaborative leaders in research, policy, and professional learning. All of CEEL’s work is grounded in a deep commitment to equity and justice and a set of core values that include an assets-based orientation, collaboration, innovation, and reciprocal accountability to the diverse and dynamic community of English Learner and Multilingual students and families that enrich and renew this nation. We hold the following goals to support this mission:

  • Goal One: Policy. Influence and align policy and advocacy efforts in collaboration with partners and organizations focused on equitable education for English Learner and Multilingual students.
  • Goal Two: Research. Expand and prioritize research and evaluation initiatives to support policy and professional learning related to the equitable education of English Learner and Multilingual students.
  • Goal Three: Professional Learning. Increase research- and evidence-based professional learning opportunities for teachers and educational leaders to enact equitable education for English Learner and Multilingual students.
  • Goal Four: Sustainability. Ensure sustainability of CEEL's excellence in leadership, management, and fiscal capacities.

Long Term Planning

Following a comprehensive and inclusive process that engaged CEEL’s many stakeholders, the team created a five-year plan that charts a course through 2028. The plan builds on CEEL’s more than 16 years of steady growth and innovation and positions it for a future of growth and increased impact, as well as heightened visibility as a critical partner in English Learner and Multilingual Student education.

We invite you to read our full Strategic Plan for further insight.

A Leader in Research and Evaluation

CEEL is committed to furthering research that builds capacity in the areas of teaching and learning, leadership and advocacy, assessment and planning, and educational reform and policy. Currently, little or no research exists that connects these areas to educating second language learners. CEEL proposes to contribute to this body of knowledge so as to positively affect the achievement of English Learners.

Policy and Advocacy 

CEEL engages in national, state, and local policy initiatives to improve English Learners' educational opportunities and academic outcomes. The center conducts policy research and analysis to assess education policies. In partnership with stakeholders across the country, CEEL leads multiple policy initiatives that address bilingual and biliterate education.

Collaboration & Partnerships 

CEEL is proud to have collaborated with nearly 100 partners in local education agencies, county offices of education, public school, charters school, university, and non-profit organizations across California and the nation.

Professional Development

CEEL works collaboratively with other organizations to design professional development models that can be implemented and sustained over time to promote teacher inquiry and transformative avenues for deepening knowledge in critical areas affecting the education of English learners. These areas of focus include Multiculturalism, Language Teaching and Learning, Skills for the 21st Century, and Teacher Efficacy. The Center is a hub for information on Professional Development opportunities for educators and educational leaders working with English learners. It is dedicated to compiling and making resources available to educators, participants in programs of study, and other faculty and professionals who utilize the Center.

Research & Evaluation Policy & Advocacy Collaboration & Partnerships Professional Learning

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• Assessment Tools & Protocols

• Co-construction research design and inquiry

• LCFF Implementation and Accountability

• Legislative Briefings

• Bilingual Teacher Pipeline Leadership

• Multilingual Program Implementation

• Expert Testimony

• Curriculum/ Program Design

• Technical Assistance

• Contract & Grant Partnerships

• Certificate programs

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