The Center for Equity for English Learners (CEEL) was established in 2006, with support from Bank of America, for the purpose of improving educational outcomes of English Learners (ELs). The Center's research and professional development agendas will inform leadership and instructional practices for the state's 1.5 million English Learners and the nation's 3.5 million English Learners. CEEL's mission is to pursue equity and excellence in the education of English Learners by transforming schools and educational systems through the Center's research and professional development agendas. An integral component of this work is the development of advocacy-oriented leadership. Educators who utilize students' cultural and language resources while developing students' academic competencies have the potential to significantly transform schools and educational systems.


  • Develop research tools and methods to address critical questions related to the education of ELs.
  • Provide professional development pathways for teachers and educational leaders to address the needs of ELs.
  • Compile resources to support schools and educational institutions working with ELs.
  • Partner with individuals, organizations and institutions that will inform and engage the educational community working with ELs.

A Leader in Research

CEEL is committed to furthering research that builds capacity in the areas of teaching and learning, leadership and advocacy, assessment and planning, and educational reform and policy. Currently, little or no research exists that connects these areas to educating second language learners. CEEL proposes to contribute to this body of knowledge so as to positively affect the achievement of English Learners.

Educator & Leadership Preparation Programs with a Lens on English Learners

Through funding from Bank of America, CEEL will provide scholarships for three levels of professional development and graduate level education at LMU: 1) Certification for Leadership in Biliteracy; 2) students in the Master of Arts in Biliteracy, Leadership, and Intercultural Education; and 3) Bank of America Doctoral Fellows in Educational Leadership for Social Justice.

Professional Development

CEEL works collaboratively with other organizations to design professional development models that can be implemented and sustained over time to promote teacher inquiry and transformative avenues for deepening knowledge in critical areas affecting the education of English learners. These areas of focus include Multiculturalism, Language Teaching and Learning, Skills for the 21st Century, and Teacher Efficacy. The Center is a hub for information on Professional Development opportunities for educators and educational leaders working with English learners. It is dedicated to compiling and making resources available to educators, participants in programs of study, and other faculty and professionals who utilize the Center.


Bank of America generously donated initial funding to launch the Center for Equity for English Learners. The Center participates in outreach efforts to support the ongoing work and is continually seeking additional funding sources.


LMU's Leavey Center for the Study of Los Angeles will collaborate with CEEL by conducting related research on leadership and policymaking in the Los Angeles education sector.

PROMISE (Pursuing Regional Opportunities for Mentoring, Innovation, and Success for English Learners). CEEL's partnership with PROMISE is a response to the vast needs of English Learners in Southern California.

School Districts: CEEL seeks partnerships with districts and can be of assistance in program evaluation, professional development, or other areas of consultation in regards to the education of English Learners.