Leadership for Equity in English Learner Education

Engage with colleagues in exploring and engaging with opportunities to develop leadership and advocacy skills to meet the growing demands for PK-12 biliteracy/multilingual programs.

Our Leadership for Equity in English Learner Education provides educators from any linguistic or cultural background, with current research on biliteracy and knowledge in programmatic and instructional issues to increase student achievement and language learning. Instructional coaches, administrators and teachers will be equipped as leaders and advocates by this state-of-the art virtual learning community. Participants will engage in inquiry-based discussions and learning to develop essential leadership characteristics and will be empowered to embrace advocacy roles to support system-wide change necessary to increase equitable access and delivery of biliteracy programs. 

  • Course 1 - 'Leadership and English Learner Advocacy'
    (Course began Fall 2022)
  • Course 2 - 'Instructional Leadership for Bilingual Pedagogies'
    (Course began Spring 2023)
  • Course 3 - 'School and Community Leadership'
    (Course began Fall 2023)

Participants can register for one or all courses. Courses may be taken out of order.

To earn a certificate, participants must complete all three (3) courses (12 CEU units total) with a grade of a "B-" or better in each course.*

*Prior to course enrollment, participants should check their district’s requirements for CEU acceptance and salary point equivalency.

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