Certificate Programs Page

For nearly 15 years, CEEL has offered certificate programs of study for teachers and leaders working with English Learners and Dual Language Learners. We continue to provide innovative distance learning courses designed for educators working in grades PreK-12 through four signature certificate programs.

Relevant Courses and Flexible Programming

Certificate programs generally consist of three, thematically relevant courses. Participants have the flexibility in taking one or all the courses in a program. To earn a certificate, which is issued through LMU Registrar’s office, a participant must successfully complete all courses in a program. Participants may enroll in as many certificate programs as desired.

Continuing Education/Salary Advancement Credits

Most courses are four (4) semester continuing education units (CEUs). Participants can earn up to 12 semester units of upper division, continuing education credit for completing a full program. Our certificate program courses are offered through LMU Extension.

Interactive Distance Learning

Most certificate program courses are taught virtually, utilizing both synchronous (e.g., live webinars) and asynchronous learning (e.g., self-paced, online sessions). Participants interact with course content, instructors, and fellow educators in a dynamic virtual setting.