Teaching Academic Spanish in Grades Pre K-12 Certificate

Engage with colleagues in learning and exploring teaching strategies in Spanish for your Dual Language/Bilingual classroom!

The Certificate for Teaching Academic Spanish in Grades PreK though 12 program is offered entirely in Spanish and geared specifically for Spanish speakers who are teachers in bilingual/dual language programs. This distance learning program increases educators’ Academic Spanish language skills and deepens their biliteracy teaching and learning processes through the following virtual courses:

  • Course 1 – 'Review of Spanish Linguistics and Biliteracy'
    (Course began Sept 28, 2022)
  • Course 2 – 'Academic Spanish for the Language Arts and Social Studies Instructional Program'
    (Course began Jan 18, 2023)
  • Course 3 – 'Academic Spanish for the Science and Math Instructional Program'
    (Course began Apr 12, 2023)

Participants can register for one or all courses. Courses may be taken out of order.

Admission Requirements/Prerequisite: Spanish-speaking teachers or teachers in bilingual/dual language programs.

To earn a certificate, participants must complete of all three (3) courses (12 CEU units total) with a grade of a "B" or better in each course.*

*Prior to course enrollment, participants should check their district’s requirements for CEU acceptance and salary point equivalency.

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  • I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve professionally. I learned a lot and some of the material was a refresher from my credential courses but the instructor helped me look at it through a different lens of how to use it the research and implement it in a dual Immersion or biliteracy class. (Course 1)

  • I enjoyed the access to various research articles that I can use to support the program that I teach in. The honest conversations that we had about relevant topics such as code switching, translanguaging and differences in dialects This course offers a comprehensive picture of the programs that are available, the historical changes and transformations in our communities and in our programs and ideas as to how to move forward effectively. This is an essential course for people in the field. (Course 1)

  • The best qualities of this course were the professor's well organized presentations, her mastery of the Spanish language, the group work and most of the readings. I would recommend this course because it contains a well developed vocabulary and teaching techniques that in my opinion many dual teachers need to apply in their daily teaching. (Course 2)

  • El curso brinda estrategias que nos ayudan a los docentes a poder trabajar de manera correlacionada las ciencias, matemáticas y español (lectura y escritura). Es una excelente manera de recordar cosas que trabajamos en la universidad y además aprender cosas nuevas. Considero que todos los maestros que trabajan español deberían tomar este curso para mejorar las estrategias usadas en el aula. (Course 3)

  • This was not only a great refreshing course on teaching strategies and interdisciplinary lessons but a learning opportunity to keep me updated with all the new standards in science and math. I am truly appreciative of this opportunity to learn so much in such little time. (Course 3)