Innovation in Digital Education and Leadership (iDEAL)

Welcome to Loyola Marymount University's Innovation in Digital Education and Leadership (iDEAL) Institute! The iDEAL mission is to foster new and forward thinking ideas in educational technology and its integration into the classroom for the benefit of students. The iDEAL Institute cultivates teachers and administrators as advocates for equity in educational technology access as well as prepares them as leaders in their schools and community.

The main initiatives in the iDEAL Institute:

  • Blended Learning Partnership Schools
  • Technology Integration Partnership Schools
  • Technology Integration Specialist Certification
  • Teacher Leadership in Mathematics


The iDEAL Institute provides professional learning in teaching and leadership through the integration of technology for the benefit of all students.        

Mission Statement

The Innovation in Digital Education and Leadership (iDEAL) Institute seeks to advance learning by fostering forward thinking in transformative and sustainable educational practice.

By partnering with teachers, leaders, education stakeholders and programs within the School of Education, the iDEAL Institute works to solve complex problems of practice through professional learning, meaningful and strategic application of technology, sound and modern pedagogical practice, and creation of shared leadership models for the benefit of all students.

The iDEAL Institute actively learns from all partners and stakeholders to co-create solutions that respond to their individual needs.

Interested in Working with the iDEAL Institute?

The iDEAL Institute has many different opportunities to provide the support your school needs. We are now accepting interest forms for the 2017-2018 academic year. Read more about submitting an interest inquiry.

Upon submission, your school will be reviewed and contacted for a site visit with a follow up interview. Additional information, such as demographics and testing information, will likely be needed.

For more information, please contact