Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Our Mission

In alignment with our Jesuit and Marymount heritage and the mission of Loyola Marymount University, LMU School of Education promotes the leadership, lifelong learning, and wellness of students, families, and communities across a broad array of settings, experiences, and backgrounds. Together we advance equity-minded, anti-racist, ethical, and research-informed preparation and practices for education and mental health professionals; we promote rigorous, relevant, and community-engaged interdisciplinary research; and we foster authentic, collaborative partnerships linking research, preparation, and practice.

Our Vision

LMU School of Education is a community of scholars, teachers, leaders, partners, and innovators who inform, create, and lead more equitable and just education and mental health systems through our rigorous research; professional preparation; cultivation of transformative, inclusive, and equity-minded practice; and solidarity with diverse communities.

Our Core Values

As a community, our values define us and advance our mission, vision, and the development of our personal and professional growth. The following core values, inspired by our Jesuit Ignatian and Marymount heritage, serve as a guide for our programs and relationships.

  • We value social justice action that influences individual and systemic changes, challenges oppression, supports anti-racist practices, and promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion in our current and future work.
  • We value respectful and caring candidate-centered practices that support the success and growth of the whole person at every stage of their educational journey, career-long professional development, and ongoing engagement with our ever-expanding networks of alumni, partners, and friends.
  • We value rigorous interdisciplinary research that informs and improves policy, practice, professional preparation, and outcomes, and fosters a culture of innovation, discovery, and improvement.
  • We value community and are committed to understanding, nurturing, and advocating for our internal and external communities, as well as developing strategic and mutually beneficial partnerships around our collective responsibility to foster innovative practice and improve educational equity and outcomes.