Online Professional Learning for Educators in Mandarin Multilingual Programs

Pathway to the Mandarin Certificate

CEEL is offering an innovative specialized course for Mandarin teachers in Multilingual/English Learner programs. Through this 40-hour professional learning experience titled "Methodology and Strategies for Content-Based Language Instruction and Curriculum Development, Course 1" educators will have the opportunity to learn from master Mandarin educators to learn and apply strategies for Mandarin and English Language content development to develop lesson plans guided by content and language standards.

Key Learning Goals/Outcomes

Educators teaching language in preK-12 contexts will:

  • Learn how to select and sequence language elements determined by the state content standards.
  • Develop relevant instructional materials to promote joyful and engaging learning outcomes in a preK-12 environment.
  • Expand their knowledge of discipline-based language instruction through the examination of curriculum and adaptation of instructional materials to include culturally relevant activities.

This course offers 40 hours of professional development, a Digital Professional Development Badge, and the option to purchase 4 CEUs (university graduate level continuing education units). This course is course 1 of the CEEL Certificate Program, see below for more information.

Program Registration

CEEL-Mandarin Certificate Program

One of the few programs of its kind, this certificate offers a unique 12-unit course of study geared specifically for Mandarin speakers who teach or lead immersion, bilingual/dual language, and heritage language programs. Courses are designed to increase participants’ instructional skills and are taught in Mandarin and English by experienced instructors. Participants include credentialed and non-credentialed teachers who have intermediate or advanced skills in Mandarin. This program includes live, web-based (synchronous), online learning (asynchronous), and a practicum experience.

Course Overview

  • Course 1: Methodology and Strategies for Content-Based Language Instruction and Curriculum Development (4 units)
  • Course 2: Practicum in Teaching Mandarin in PreK-12 Settings (1 units)
  • Course 3: Assessment Principles for Language Learning (4 units)
  • Course 4: Strategies for Developing Language Proficiency and Chinese Grammar Pedagogy (3 units)

Participants can register for one or all courses. Courses may be taken out of order. For information on pursuing this certificate please contact

Admission Requirements/Prerequisite: Mandarin-speaking teachers or teachers in bilingual/dual language programs.

To earn a certificate, New Scholars must complete of all four (4) courses (12 CEU units total) with a grade of a "B" or better in each course.*

Participants will earn a CEEL Digital Badge for each course to certify attendance and completion. CEEL Digital Badges can be stacked (added together) to earn a Micro-Credential Digital Badge for completing all the required courses for the Mandarin Certificate Program.

For more information, please complete our Interest Form.

  • LMU CBTE program opened my eyes to immersion language teaching. Not only I learned useful teaching strategies, but also some best ways of curriculum designing and teaching philosophy. My experience in LMU changed me from the beginning to the end.

  • The summer of STARTALK helped me a lot in terms of thinking outside the box. As a regular school teacher, you have strict curriculums and programs to follow. However, at STARTALK, you have a lot of room to apply teaching methodologies and strategies you’ve learned under the program guidelines. For example, I was able to incorporate Pictorial Input, music and many other strategies during the teaching portion of the program. Additionally, the program provided opportunities for me to work with a team to create lessons together instead of doing most of the work on my own. By doing so, I was able to reflect my teaching methods based on other teachers’ feedback and improve in the classroom. The CBTE program also helped me build a strong theoretical and cultural foundation before my teaching career. I’ve benefited from multiple classes, including the Chinese-American cultural class to accurately understand the perspectives of my students for being Chinese-American. It helped in developing closer connections between my students and I.

  • LMU CBTE program offers me a precious opportunity to return to teaching career and to be an effective bilingual elementary teacher. My two years here was fruitful because of thought- provoking coursework, classroom observations, and student teaching. Thank you LMU!