Loyola Marymount University School of Education is proud to offer the following programs of study for teachers and educational leaders working with second language learners.

Certificate in Leadership for English Learner Achievement

This unique certificate is intended to represent an extensive knowledge in programmatic, political, and instructional issues in working with English learners. The central focus is to build knowledge on essential leadership roles and characteristics to support institutional change necessary to increase the academic achievement of English learners.

Teaching Academic Spanish in Grades Pre-K Through 12

This is a one year program in Spanish geared specifically for Spanish speakers and teachers in bilingual/dual language programs for the purpose of increasing their Academic Spanish language skills.

Transitional Kindergarten Teaching Certificate

This distinctive certificate is designed to provide Transitional Kindergarten teachers with expertise to create and design effective learning environments, curriculum, and instruction that are developmentally, culturally, and linguistically appropriate for young learners.

Teaching Mandarin in Pre-K Through 12 Settings Certificate

This certificate offers a 12-unit course of study providing enhanced learning for existing Mandarin teachers who are already credentialed and for non-credentialed heritage language teachers considering a state-authorized teaching credential. This hybrid program will offer face-to-face, web-based (simultaneous) and online learning (sequential) and a practicum experience.

Ed.D. Doctorate Degree

The Doctorate in Educational Leadership for Social Justice is designed for current and aspiring leaders who want to create a more just and equitable future in a variety of educational and community settings. Centered on values-based education, the curriculum connects theory with practice, equipping practitioner-scholars to lead meaningful change in their organizations. Our innovative three-year Ed.D. program is offered On-Campus or Online to accommodate working professionals while they acquire the knowledge and skills to become critically-conscious leaders ready to make a positive impact in education.

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