Upcoming Featured Speaker

CEEL is happy to announce that our next Featured Speaker Series will be featuring Dr. Cathery Yeh for a virtual presentation on October 12, 2022 from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm.

Dr. Cathery Yeh is an Assistant Professor in STEM Education and a core faculty member in the Center for Asian American Studies at the University of Texas at Austin.

Her research examines the role race, class, gender, and language play in the constructions of ability in mathematics classrooms. Funded by the National Science Foundation, Mathematics Education Fund, National Endowment for the Humanities, and other agencies, her scholarship is collaborative, building research partnerships with school districts and communities to attend to the strengths, needs, and goals of teachers, students, and the community served.

Her work as an engaged scholar builds on 20+ years as a dual language classroom teacher and educator, visiting over 300 student homes, while family and community members came into the classroom to co-teach mathematics. Dr. Yeh currently serves on the Board of Directors for the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Registration is now available!

Previous Featured Speaker

Dr. Jimenez at USC Rossier School of Education
CEEL had the privilege of welcoming Dr. Oscar Jimenez-Castellanos, a Visiting Scholar at USC Rossier School of Education, on November 9, 2021 to facilitate discourse on Embracing Multilingual Learners: Towards an Anti-Xenophobic and Anti-Racist School Finance System.
He previously served as the Murchison Endowed Professor and Chair at Trinity University. He was an Associate Professor and Founding Director of the Latinx Education Research Center at Santa Clara University. He began his academic career at Arizona State University (tenured institution) and held an appointment as a Visiting Scholar at UC Berkeley. 
He is a national education policy expert with an emphasis on school finance and English Learners. He has been awarded several prestigious awards in his career and published over 60 academic papers, served as a consultant/expert witness in several states, and serves on various editorial boards.

The Center for Equity for English Learners regularly hosts events where scholars can present on a variety of topics to LMU's educational community. These venues provide an opportunity for renowned researchers to share current findings in the field of language, literacy, learning, teacher preparation, and multicultural studies.

CEEL gratefully acknowledges our featured speakers' willingness to allow us to videotape the sessions and highlight them here.