Journalism for English Learners

Journalism for English Learners Program

Bolster your upper elementary English Learners’ communication and informational text writing skills by participating in CEEL’s Journalism for English Learners Program three-day institute.  This professional development is designed for teams of district or schools leaders and teachers of Grades 3-5 and introduces participants to a project-based journalism curriculum specially designed for students at risk of becoming Long Term English Learners. This curriculum can be applied to offer Designated or Integrated English Language Development (ELD) instruction, enrichment, support, and/or intervention.

Participants will:

  • Understand how this standards-aligned curriculum supports and develops English Learners’ abilities to write investigative journalistic articles in a real-world context and publish a newspaper,
  • Experience critical instructional strategies and routines to develop oral and written language, and
  • Analyze video lessons to examine how English Learners’ engagement and interaction is fostered

Since its inception, the Journalism for English Learners Program institute has significantly impacted school communities across California.  To view the Journalism for English Learners Program's Impact Statement, please click here.

Journalism Impact Image rev. 5/2020

Student Quotes:  

"My favorite thing about the journalism program, is that it gives kids a better way to learn"

"The journalism project made me a better learner in writing because we had to do lots of writing and lots of thinking." 

"What I like about the staff is that they were cooperative, nice and were helpful"  

"I was excited to interview an accountant" 

"Transition words... that really helps me because it's really hard for me to think of ways to change from one topic to another."

Instructor Quotes: 

"I feel the Journalism program creates an extra outlet for the students, an extra way to continue on to the next level." 

"What I like about the journalism program was seeing students gain new experiences, they were able to improve in their writing."   

If interested in customizing a Journalism for English Learners Program institute for your organization, contact us to schedule a consultation and discuss our different models.

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