A Leader in Research

The Center is at the forefront of innovative research that generates new knowledge and evaluates existing programs that address the needs of English Learners. Research and evaluation projects are designed to inform practice, policy, and future research directions with the goal of improving the academic outcomes and social well-being of students. The Center collaborates with educational organizations, advocates, and faculty scholars to develop research instruments, collect and analyze data, and produce key insights. This research is disseminated at the local, state, and national level in the form of articles, briefs, and other academic venues.

You can view many of CEEL's published collections on our Digital Commons site.

  • Research Projects
    Bilingual Teacher Pipeline - Silver Giving
    Diverse Adolescents - Stuart Foundation
    EL Improvement Networks - California Community Foundation
    Equity in Continuous Improvement for English Learners in High School Districts
    Equity Leadership for ELs - Center for Equity for English Learners
    Newcomer Programs - Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE)
    Evaluation Projects
    Project ROYAL - TK-3 SEAL Instructional Strategies and Building the Teacher Pipeline - National Professional Development Grant, USDE
    Project PEARLL - SEAL Grades 4-6 Expansion - National Professional Development Grant, USDE
  • CEEL's education and policy briefs examine key education and policy issues related to English Learners to present and provide policy recommendations.  To view CEEL's educational and policy briefs, please click on the following link: education and policy briefs.

  • Research Reports
    Closing the Achievement Gap - Public Policy Institute of California
    LCFFRC County Office of Education - Stuart Foundation and Stanford University
    PROMISE Research Monograph
    Sobrato Early Academic Language - Sobrato Family Foundation
  • The Center for Equity for English Learners is a leader in the field of educational equity for English Learners.  To view CEEL publications please click here.

    An Equitable Restart for Los Angeles School: Emboldening Ourselves to Transform Schools and Lives Families and School, Los Angeles Unified School District, Great Public Schools Now
    Bilingual Teacher Residency Policy Brief - Sobrato Family Foundation
    EL Master Plan Playbook
    Ensuring Equity and Excellence for English Learners: An Annotated Bibliography for Research, Policy, and Practice
    Family Insights - Great Public Schools Now
    LCFFRC County Office of Education - Stuart Foundation and Stanford University
    LCFF and LCAP Studies Reports I - IV
    Lavadenz, M., et al. (2021). Equity leadership for English Learners during COVID-19: Early Lessons
    Other CEEL Policy Briefs
    The Observation Protocol for Academic Literacies Handbook
    The Critical Multilingual Policy Ecology
    Hopkins, et al. (2022). Examining the English Learner Policy Ecology, Peabody Journal of Education
    Publications by CEEL Authors