EL Master Plan Playbook

Designing visionary local policy aligned to the CA English Learner Roadmap

The Center for Equity for English Learners is proud to share the publication of our ENGLISH LEARNER MASTER PLAN PLAYBOOK: Developing Equitable Local Education Policies for Multilingual and English Learner Students. The playbook provides tools for educators, families, and community members to engage in policy dialogues and development processes to support the creation of a local policy document - the English Learner Master Plan.

The areas of focus for the EL Master Plan laid out in a circle. Equity driven processes, accountability, family-community engagement, and equitable systems.

CEEL offers interactive sessions and technical assistance to help LEA teams create a plan to develop a district-wide English Learner Master Plan that is aligned to the research-based CA English Learner Roadmap policy and focuses on visionary policies, programs, and services that ensure equitable opportunities and outcomes for English Learners. Participants engage with the resources included in the CEEL English Learner Master Plan Playbook to develop a strategy for beginning or refining their approach to writing components of their EL Master Plan.

Collaborate with our expert team to be guided through the steps of systematically creating an EL Master Plan. Please contact us at CEEL@lmu.edu for more information.

Visit the English Learner Roadmap Implementation for Systemic Excellence (ELRISE!)'s webpage to learn more about upcoming English Learner Master Plan Institute offerings.

Upcoming Professional Development

EL Master Plan Institute September 2024

Join us for our English Learner Master Plan Institute! This unique opportunity will support LEA teams to strategically plan for the development/revision of their district plans to support Multilingual Learner students. Leadership teams will participate in five sessions September 2024 through April 2025, focused on EL Master Plan development processes to promote equity for English Learners. Throughout this collaborative professional learning community, teams will also engage in cross-district discussions to support the writing of their EL Master Plan.

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