The Center for Catholic Education brings together a broad range of academic programs to advance PK-12 education and provide solutions to the challenges facing Catholic education in Los Angeles and the nation:

CAST (Catholic Archdiocesan School Teachers)

An innovative one plus one model for archdiocesan teachers. Candidates will receive a Master of Arts in Urban Education and will have the option to complete the requirements to be recommended for a California preliminary teaching credential (Multiple Subject or Single Subject, both with an option for a bilingual authorization). Designed with candidates' schedules and professional needs in mind, CAST offers crucial benefits that other teacher credential programs do not. LMU CAST follows an innovative instructional design, combining on-line class sessions with face-to-face Saturday meetings. Additionally, the program emphasizes the interaction of theory and practice in education, encouraging students to take what they learn on Saturday and apply it immediately to their own classroom. Most important for the busy professional, the program allows candidates to earn their California Teaching Credential without having to complete a traditional student teaching assignment, take a leave of absence from their job, or sacrifice their salary to meet CTC requirements. All CAST candidates also receive substantial financial assistance in the form of a scholarship.

*Currently only offered in Southern California

Contact: Antonio Felix
Director, PLACE Corps and CAST Program

Online Catholic Inclusive Education

Catholic school educators require the knowledge and skills to meet the diverse needs of all students including those who are gifted and talented and/or have disabilities. This preparation of future Catholic school educators to meet the needs of all students is a moral imperative that Loyola Marymount University seeks to achieve through this Catholic Inclusive Education program. The program is both a certificate and Master's program, and students can choose to enroll in the certificate only, the MA only, or a combination of both. The Certificate in Catholic Inclusive Education is a 15 unit graduate program designed to prepare prospective and novice Catholic school leaders in evidence-based curriculum and instruction. The Masters in Catholic Inclusive Education is an additional 15 graduate units. The certificate and M.A. program is WASC approved, and each is a 5-course, 15-unit online program that may be completed in a total of 2 years. All Catholic Inclusive Education candidates receive a guaranteed financial scholarship.

Contact: Victoria Graf, Ed.D.
Director, Catholic Inclusive Education Program

Certificate in Catholic School Administration

An 11-month 10-unit academic program for emerging, aspiring, or current leaders in Catholic schools. LMU's Department of Educational Leadership and Administration, in coordination with the Center for Catholic Education, offers an online Certificate in Catholic School Administration, a one-year (4 course/10 graduate-level units) program for aspiring or notice Catholic school leaders. LMU's Certificate program satisfies the Archdiocese of San Francisco's educational preparation application requirement for the principalship. Coursework focuses on the learner acquiring the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to cultivate a vibrant Catholic culture, serve as an effective lead-learner, lead with executive presence and operational skill. The Certificate curriculum emphasizes the unique role of the Catholic school principal: learners grow in their own spiritual practice; engage improvement science research to address problems of practice; and lead with a mission-driven, innovative mindset, all within the Catholic school context. Each year, the online cohort includes teachers and principals from diocese throughout California and across the country. Experts in Catholic education, including Assistant and Deputy Superintendents, serve as program faculty and mentors. The program aligns directly with The National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools. The Certificate program meets synchronously online once per week; Thursdays 3:30 – 6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. Coming soon and pending approval, stay tuned for LMU's new online M.A. in Catholic Educational Leadership. All CSLA candidates receive a guaranteed financial scholarship.

Contact: Lauren Casella, Ed.D.
Director, Catholic School Leadership Academy

PLACE Corps (Partners in Los Angeles Catholic Education)

Established in 2001, PLACE Corps is a nationally recognized teaching service corps. The program is built upon three pillars – professional development, community living, and spiritual development. Program members serve as teachers primarily in under-resourced Catholic schools through a two-year cohort program, earning a master's degree in Urban Education and California preliminary teaching credential, while living in faith-filled communities. Candidates have the additional option of obtaining catechetical certification. PLACE graduates leave the program as focused and driven educator leaders, continuing to make a lasting impact on PreK-12 education, and creating a PLACE legacy in Catholic education. All PLACE candidates receive a guaranteed financial scholarship.

*currently only offered in Southern California

Contact: Antonio Felix
Director, PLACE Corps and CAST Program

Ed.D. in Educational Leadership for Social Justice

The Doctorate in Educational Leadership for Social Justice is an innovative 3-year program that is designed to provide experienced educators and community leaders with the tools, theories, and experiences needed to succeed in transforming educational settings into inclusive and equitable learning environments. Combining theory with practice, the curriculum provides candidates with a better understanding of the complex issues impacting education and student achievement, and prepares graduates as change agents. SOE's doctoral program prepares leaders who are knowledgeable and deeply committed to education reform in diverse communities, and enables program participants to choose from among three areas of focus: Catholic, public, or charter schools.

Contact: William D. Parham
Interim Director, Ed.D. in Educational Leadership for Social Justice