The Center for Catholic Education brings together a broad range of academic programs to advance PK-12 education and provide solutions to the challenges facing Catholic education in Los Angeles and the nation:

PLACE Corps (Partners in Los Angeles Catholic Education)

A two-year service program that recruits recent college graduates from across the nation who commit to teach in under-resourced Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, the Diocese or Orange, and the Diocese of San Bernardino, while pursuing a combined teaching credential and M.A. degree. Learn more.

Professional (Clear) Credentialing Program

A program tailored specifically for Catholic school teachers, giving them the opportunity to earn the professional clear credential. Learn more.

Certificate in Catholic School Administration 

An 11-month 10-unit academic program for emerging, aspiring, or current leaders in Catholic schools. Learn more

Catholic School Administration Master of Arts 

A 31-unit program, standing alone or building on the Certificate in Catholic School Administration, for Catholic school principals and other leaders. Learn more.

CAST (Catholic Archdiocesan School Teachers)

An innovative one plus one model for archdiocesan teachers that leads to a Master's degree and/or Preliminary Teaching Credential. Learn more.

Ed.D. in Educational Leadership for Social Justice

SOE’s doctoral program prepares leaders who are knowledgeable and deeply committed to education reform in diverse communities, enables program participants to choose from among three areas of focus: Catholic, public, or charter schools. Learn more.