The LMU School of Education is one of the largest teacher preparation programs in the nation, using a successful approach that meets the needs of Catholic schools. Since 2001 alone, more than 1,600 Catholic school educators have graduated from the School of Education's teacher education programs. But the impact goes beyond the numbers; the impact stems from the type of preparation these teachers receive. As of 2018, over one thousand SOE graduates are still involved in Catholic education in some professional capacity. 

LMU is built on the 450-year old Jesuit educational tradition characterized by a focus on academic excellence, education of the whole person, creativity, faith and social justice. Jesuit universities instill educators with a commitment to serve and make a difference in the lives of students served. The universities prepare leaders who understand that education is transformational – the way to a better, more just world. In the SOE, this translates into an action-oriented approach, with programs grounded in research, informed by practical application in the classroom which is infused with Catholic faith-based educational tradition, rigorous academics and strong classroom management.

As part of its educational mission, the Center for Catholic Education provides multiple professional development, credentialing, degree-granting, and certificate programs for Catholic school teachers who embody Catholic values and are trained to work in culturally and linguistically diverse settings.