SOE Alumni Association

SOEAA Board Members in 2019

Welcome! The SOE Alumni Association (SOEAA) seeks to connect alumni with each other and with SOE to ensure the continued excellence of the School and to assist alumni on their journeys in their social, professional, and intellectual lives.

Who Can Join the SOEAA?

  • The SOEAA is free of charge and open to all SOE alumni. It focuses on three pillars:
    • Building Community
    • Volunteer Service
    • Professional Development
  • To join, you must nominate yourself or be nominated by one of your fellow alumni
  • Read more here about the benefits and expectations of SOEAA membership. You can submit a nomination here.

SOEAA Members and Executive Committee

  • Members of the SOEAA comprise the SOEAA board; read their bios here.
  • The SOEAA board consists of both nominated members and ex-officio members who serve on SOE’s faculty and/or staff.
  • Each year, the SOEAA board elects an Executive Committee consisting of a Board Chair, Board Vice-Chair, and three Committee Chairs. The Executive Committee serves as the leadership to shape the vision, mission, and goals of the SOEAA.

SOEAA Executive Committee, 2020-21

  • Maggie Bove-LaMonica M.A. ’05, J.D. ’13, Board Chair
  • Kadar Lewis Ed.D. ’16, Board Vice-Chair, Mission and Action Committee Chair
  • Tanisha Barnett Ed.D. ’16, Nominations Committee Chair
  • Liza Smith ’10, Professional Development Committee Chair