Leadership Development

Leadership is key to the success of Catholic schools. Through Center for Catholic Education programs, the next generation of Catholic school leaders are equipped to transform educational environments.

Graduates of the Catholic School Leadership Academy are changing lives by going beyond rhetoric – they lead initiatives and empower others to bring about educational reform. The program's cohort model provides a forum for mission-driven learners to network, support, and inspire one another. Equally significant, it creates a setting in which elements of Catholic faith can be integrated purposefully into the learning process. This integration of faith and action inevitably transforms schools and communities.

The Ed.D. in Educational Leadership for Social Justice, SOE's doctoral program, prepares leaders who are knowledgeable and deeply committed to education reform in diverse communities. Program participants are able to choose Catholic schools as an area of focus, enabling them to go through the program in a cohort with like-minded candidates.

In addition, training and mentoring programs have been developed for Catholic school governance board members and pastors, whose leadership in education, budgeting, financial planning and marketing is crucial for Catholic schools to succeed in a competitive educational marketplace.