"Thank you so much for organizing such a wonderful conference and for working so hard to make every tiny detail work out."
– Leo Schmitt, The New School, USA.

"Three wonderful days in the small, culturally rich city of Soria, learning about language, culture and identity whilst networking with practitioners from all over the world."
– Diane Excell, EAL and Literacy Consultant, National Association for Language Development in the Curriculum, UK.

"This Colloquium is one which I look forward to more than most conferences I attend. It is intimate, personal and yet provides so many opportunities for me to think and talk deeply with others about issues of identity, place, culture and language—issues which are, for me, at the heart of language learning and teaching."
– Leslie Turpin, SIT Graduate Institute, Vermont, USA.

"Presentations were personal, amazing ideas presented by people with lots of experience in the field of education and language, but also people who were starting their studies based on the work they do as teachers, mentors, writers,... so in the end the academic and professional richness I've received is huge!"
– Denisa-Karla Anusca Raunciuc, Universitat Jaume I, Spain.

"I really enjoyed connecting with like minded researchers, program directors, and university faculty from around the world."
– Cheryl Bowen, Santa Clara University, USA.

"This conference addresses an interesting and important set of themes and it deserves to be more widely known. This is especially true in a time when the delicate balance between preservation and cherishing of cultural identities, in contrast with cross-cultural respect and understanding, is being severely tested. The location is also highly recommended as being an exemplar of "real Spain" as opposed​ to better known tourist hotspots."
– Peter Excell, Emeritus Professor, Wrexham Glyndwr University, UK.

"I found the International Colloquium in Soria to be highly informative and an excellent opportunity to network with colleagues from around the world. The event was very well organised and the venue... well, what can I say about Soria! the Romanesque ruins, the impressive Palacios, friendly people and thrilling San Juan Festival embraced me in the romantic Spanish Summer."
– Sharon Brissoni, Catholic Education Services, Cairns, Australia.

"I have attended the International Colloquium on Languages, Cultures, Identity, in Schools and Society multiple years and each time I am amazed and delighted at the high quality presentations from all over the globe shedding light on critical issues not discussed elsewhere; this is truly a unique professional experience in a lovely traditional Spanish city."
– Sheryl-Santos Hatchett, University of North Texas, Dallas, USA.

"An inspirational professional learning community that expands a teacher's mindset on the best teaching and learning practices."
– Taryn U'Halie, ESOL Specialist, Karaganda State Technical University, Kazakhstan.

"What a great conference, and I enjoyed learning about topics in language and identity that I would otherwise never hear about, such as schools in the Aragon region in Spain!"
– Kate Kedley, Rowan Unversity, New Jersey, USA.

"My experience of the International Colloquium was of a multi-nationed, fast-paced, stimulating forum, where ideas were constantly being bounced off every surface to be caught, discussed and thrown back into the arena - definitely an event to return to!"
– Rebecca Place, Media Officer, TESOL Spain.

"The Colloquium is rich in varied and fascinating sessions, many of which will be very useful to me in my capacities as literacy mentor, second language teacher and lover of language and culture. Overall, it was a wonderful learning opportunity, during which I was also able to network with educators from around the world. I hope to return to the Colloquium and beautiful Soria!"
– Matt Fullerton, Literacy Mentor, Nova Scotia, Canada.

"I attended the Colloquium this past summer with some colleagues and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The presenters spoke on such a variety of topics, and we all left invigorated by our own professional growth. The town of Soria was also a delight and the evening excursions were amazing. We hope to attend the colloquium again next year!"
– Erin Strack, Teacher, Kansas City Public Schools.

"It is a great opportunity to exchange views with scholars, educators and language teachers all over the world. We really liked the number of patticipants: large enough to have a variety of perspectives but not overwhelming. We would really love to attend it again when we can."
– Richard Bradley, USA; Cao Thi Quynh Loan, University of Social Sciences and Humanities –VNU –HCMC, Vietnam.

"This Colloquium is like mingling with the red carpet attendees; only instead of just seeing them flash their smiles from a distance, they deliver close-up and personalized snippets of their world-wide, amazingly interesting, research and experiences!"
– Temree Jolley, University of North Texas at Dallas, USA.

"The International Colloquium on Languages, Cultures, and Identity in Soria provides an opportunity to share, present and collaborate with researchers from around the world. Additionally, those who participate get to share in some of the local sight-seeing connected with the history of Spain."
– Lisa Winstead, California State University at Fullerton, USA.