Summer Program

The summer component is designed to provide an intense and dynamic learning experience for participants, with the goal of encouraging a passion for learning. LMU UB's summer program is based on a Los Angeles (LA) themed curriculum and uses the city as a classroom. The curriculum, centered in and on the city in which the students live, requires that they explore new areas and ideas about the city, integrate concepts, and form a worldview about their responsibilities as citizens.

Components of the summer curriculum include:

  • Core Assignment: Enable student integration of learning. Core assignments are publicly presented at the end of the summer event.
  • Two Academic Courses: High school credit (Math, Literature, Composition, Lab Science.)
  • Enrichment Courses: To complement learning in core course and increase social capital.
  • Field Trips: To complement learning in core courses.
  • Community Service: To complement learning in core courses & instill a commitment to service.

Basic Summer Schedule


Dismissal or Special Weekend Activity

Breakfast/Morning Announcements

Dismissal or Special Weekend Activity


Academic Core Courses


Lunch - Staff Mtgs & Student Government Mtgs


Elective/Enrichment Courses

Dismissal or Special Weekend Activity



Free Time/Recreation Time




Free Time


Study Time/Library Time


Free Time

Course offerings are complemented with SAT preparation, college and career exploration and select on-campus employment. In addition, students have access to the University's recreational facilities, will have leadership opportunities through the UB Student Council, and can have fun participating in residence hall activities such as dances, Game Nights and other extracurricular programs.