2021 Student Council Candidates

The purpose of the Council is to serve as a body that represents student interests to the Upward Bound administration. Members will also learn valuable leadership tools for use later in life as they plan and implement student activities.

The roles of Council members are to represent student opinions and aim to bring students closer together as a community, be involved with orientation for new students, to be a bridge between students and staff, serve as representatives of the Program, and work with staff to help plan and host activities. Council members are to maintain a positive attitude toward both staff and other students.

All speeches were live at our program check-in. If you are a registered LMU UB/UBMS Voter and received the password form, you may cast your vote by finding the ballot at the end of this page.

Thank you for supporting our student leaders!


President Candidate 


 Vice President Candidates 

Treasurer Candidates



Public Relations Chair


2023 Class Representative Candidates


2024 Class Representative Candidate


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