Silver Giving Research Practice Policy Partnership

Engage with selected Emergent Bilingual Collaborative (EBC) Local Education Agencies (LEAs) to establish CEEL-EBC RP3 structure and learning agenda, document key understandings and learnings, and engage CEEL-EBC RP3 in reflection and advocacy.

The state’s Master Plan for Early Learning and Care and recent policy initiatives such as AB 1363 point to the need to improve assessment practices for EB/DLL students and to improve data infrastructure and articulation. Local Education Agencies need support and guidance related to policy and practice for Emergent Bilingual Students (Dual Language Learners). This RP3 will respond to this need by engaging local practitioners and policy makers to identify problems of practice responsive to the current context and initiatives. Success will be evidenced by high levels of engagement and efficacy of practitioners and researchers to document and inform future policy directions focused on assessment and data articulation for DLLs.