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One Project Two Pathways

Pathway 1: The SEAL TK-5 Model will be implemented in LAUSD elementary schools currently employing the SEAL Model in grade TK-3 classrooms. Grade TK-3 teachers will receive coaching and access to professional learning resources to deepen SEAL implementation. Grade 4-5 teachers will receive the two-year SEAL PL, creating an articulated implementation of the SEAL TK-5 model.

Pathway 2: The SEAL Grade 4-5 English Language Development (ELD) Model has been created for teachers in schools that have not implemented SEAL at the TK-3 levels. It emphasizes professional learning for English Language Development (ELD) for grade 4 and 5 teachers to bolster language and literacy learning and support prevention of LTEL status. This pathway allows the SEAL model to be implemented and evaluated on a larger scale in LAUSD.

Teacher Professional Learning Feedback

Teachers complete a feedback survey after each professional learning session to guide continuous improvement.

After their second Module, the majority of Pathway 1 teachers reported feeling excited and enthusiastic about implementing the Module 2 strategies.