Apply to be a PEARLL Scholar

Are you a bilingual teacher or multiple-subject credential candidate enrolled in the LMU School of Education who wants to improve learning environments and classroom instruction for English Learner students? 

The Center for Equity for English Learners has established a scholarship to help academically successful bilingual teacher candidates or select Multiple-subject credential candidates without a Bilingual Authorization, in their preparation to effectively teach English Learners through our Project PEARLL Scholars Program. 

What is the application process to be a Project PEARLL Scholar?

Please submit a letter of interest for this scholarship to CEEL at Your letter should include: 

  • Background information
  • Career goals
  • Reason for your interest in this scholarship
  • A list of qualifications that align with the criteria listed above
  • Progress toward obtaining your credential
What are the requirements and expectations for a Project PEARLL Scholar? 

PEARLL Scholar Criteria: 

  • Scholarships will be awarded for each semester the candidate is registered as a full-time graduate (6 units or more) or undergraduate student (12 units or more), if grant funds are available, and candidates remain in good standing.
  • Preference is given to scholars with pre-service status.  
  • Scholars must be enrolled in the LMU credential program that leads to earning a Multiple-subject teaching credential or a Multiple-subject teaching credential with Bilingual Authorization.
  • Scholars in the LMU credential program that leads to earning a Multiple-subject credential without a Bilingual Authorization (Spanish) need to have Bilingual Spanish skills or be interested in building them
  • Candidates who qualify for tuition remission are not eligible for this scholarship.
  • Upon completion of your bilingual teacher credential program cycle, you will be required to provide proof of completing the California certification/credential in EL instruction, and you must provide proof of employment serving English Learners for a minimum of three years after the grant.

The Project PEARLL Bilingual Teacher Scholarship is competitive and if selected, will require you to teach in schools with English Learners as a condition of acceptance of the funds, and participate in some of the grant activities.

Will scholarships be available through Project PEARLL in the future?

We have a limited number of scholarships available for the 2023-24 academic year.  Submit your letter of interest by September 1, 2023.