Antonio Felix, Ed.D. ’22

headshot of LMU SOE staff member Antonio Felix

Antonio Felix, Ed.D. ’22, is a proud South Central Los Angeles native and currently serves as Assistant Dean of Preparation Partnerships at LMU School of Education. With an unwavering commitment to fostering collaborative relationships, Dr. Felix assumes a leadership role in overseeing SOE's internal operations and services pertaining to existing partnerships, while also actively assisting in the cultivation and advancement of new partnerships.

Previously, Dr. Felix served as the Director of PLACE Corps (Partners in Los Angeles Catholic Education), an esteemed Catholic teacher service program housed within LMU’s Center for Catholic Education. During his tenure, Dr. Felix guided the mission of PLACE Corps, which involved placing novice teachers in under-resourced Catholic schools primarily within the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, Diocese of Orange, and Diocese of San Bernardino. Additionally, Dr. Felix fulfilled the role of Director of CAST (Catholic Archdiocesan School Teachers), overseeing a Master of Arts and preliminary teaching credential program dedicated to supporting full-time Catholic School educators throughout nine dioceses in California.

Before joining LMU, Dr. Felix gained valuable experience in the field, where he served TK-8 students in multiple capacities. Initially, he served as a junior high math and science teacher before moving to administrative roles such as director of marketing and development and, ultimately, principal.

Dr. Felix earned his master’s degree in elementary education and a California teaching credential as a member of LMU’s CAST program. He later returned to LMU to pursue a second master’s degree in Catholic school administration, alongside acquiring a California Administrative Services Credential. Demonstrating a fervent dedication to social justice leadership, Dr. Felix completed his doctorate in Educational Leadership for Social Justice at LMU in 2022.