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    Spring 2021 Highlights

    This spring, the SOE Alumni Association (SOEAA) will begin its nomination process to select the first awardees of the new  Excellence in Education Award.

    Award Purpose

    The purpose of the award is to provide the SOE, through the SOEAA, an opportunity to recognize alumni who are fulfilling our shared mission of creating a more equitable and just education for all.

    SOEAA will solicit nominations from all members of the SOE community during an open nomination period and will select the final slate of recipient(s) based on the criteria listed below.

    The awardee(s) will be notified by the SOE and will be presented with the award at an event in Fall 2021.

    Qualifications, Nominations, and Selection 

    • Any graduating member of the SOE from a degree-granting program (M.A. or Ed.D) qualifies for the award
    • Alumni can either nominate themselves or be nominated by SOE faculty, staff, students, alumni, or community partners
    • Awardees must have demonstrated excellence in one or more of the following areas, based on the primary tenets of the SOE Conceptual Framework (REAL): 
      • Respect and Value all Individuals
      • Educate by Integrating Theory and Practice
      • Advocate for Access to a Socially Just Education
      • Lead in Order to Facilitate Transformation