Upward Bound and Upward Bound Math & Science parents are essential to the success of the program. It's important for parents to understand the importance of high school and how to help prepare their children for high school graduation and college admission. Our goal is to equip parents with the tools to help their children make educated decisions about successfully completing high school and post-secondary education. Here, parents can find valuable resources to aid their children as well as learn about upcoming events.

Prepare Your Student for College

It's an investment! The college process is a partnership between you, your student(s), and institution he/she wants to attend.

Read, Read, Read

  • Good readers make good thinkers and good writers.
  • The more your student(s) read, the more he/she knows.

Promote Good Study Habits

  • Turn off the TV.
  • Set aside a homework time in a quiet study space.

Meet with your Child's Teachers to Learn about His/Her Performance

  • Tell the teachers that you have high expectations for your child.

Learn the College-Preparatory Course Requirements

  • Push to get into these courses in high school.
  • Push to get into honors/AP/IB courses in high school, if available.

What you do Outside of Class Matters

  • Colleges/Universities look at sports, clubs, work, church, honor societies, etc., involvement

Take the PSAT by the 9th or 10th Grade

  • It's good practice for he SAT.

Visit College Campuses

  • Find colleges in your area and schedule a tour.
  • Make a college visit part of your vacation.
  • Ask your counselor if your school is planning a field trip to a college you're student is interested in.
  • Check out college websites, many have virtual tours.