Partner Schools

The LMU Family of Schools works with schools in the Westchester and Playa Vista area to facilitate successful relationships with the University and the community and to support academic success in the K-12 pipeline. Currently, we support...

Nine Traditional Public Schools

  • Westchester Enriched Sciences Magnet (WESM) High School
  • Katherine Johnson STEM Academy
  • Wright Middle School Steam Magnet
  • Cowan Avenue Elementary School
  • Kentwood Elementary School
  • Loyola Village Elementary School
  • Paseo Del Rey Elementary School
  • Playa Vista Elementary School
  • Westport Heights Elementary School

Four Catholic Archdiocesan Schools

  • St. Bernard High School
  • St. Anastasia School
  • St. Jerome School
  • Visitation School

Three Charter Schools

  • Westside Innovation School House (WISH) Charter Elementary School
  • WISH Charter Middle School
  • WISH Academy High School

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