Hani Zubi

Hani Zubi is currently the Chair of the Social Studies Department at Providence High School in Burbank. Hani earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in History from California State University, Northridge and his Master of Arts degree in History, with a focus on ecumenical relations in the Antebellum South, from Cal State, Northridge. One of the salient lessons from his studies at LMU was that Social Justice is not a one-size-fits-all answer, nor is there an immediate solution that can be put into effect that will solve all of the ills facing our world. Rather, Social Justice will be achieved group by group, person by person, and bit by bit. Along the way, it is important to keep the goal of Social Justice in the fore and to implement change with teamwork, flexibility, and compassion. Hani’s current dissertation research is into the degree to which students with disabilities are accommodated at Catholic high schools and how and why teachers and administrators at Catholic high schools choose to engage their students with disabilities.