Krikor Kiladjian

Krikor Kiladjian is a teacher and STEM director at Holy Family Grade School where he is responsible for facilitating the academic, spiritual, and social growth of his middle school students. In addition to his role as STEM director, he serves as the homeroom teacher of 7th grade and leads the instruction of history and science in middle school and religion in the 7th grade.

His decision to enroll in LMU's Ed.D. Program stemmed from a professional development session that Krikor participated in regarding coding instruction. The various benefits of coding instruction were presented and it planted a seed within him that would germinate into joining the doctoral program and his dissertation topic. He gradually believed that coding should be integrated into the traditional academic curriculum to improve student achievement, better equip students with the skills needed for evolving occupations, and to bridge the divide that exists in STEM representation. He believed that LMU's Ed.D. Program would best prepare him to effectuate this goal.  

Krikor’s dissertation topic centers upon teachers', principals', and STEM directors' understanding and perceptions of coding and it additionally gauges whether their epistemological and pedagogical beliefs impact their inclination to utilize constructionism as a conduit to integrate coding in the classroom. He hopes to use the data as a springboard to integrate this literacy in schools in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

Krikor’s participation in the Ed.D. Program, the cohort's group interactions, and his communications with the professors molded his beliefs and perspectives. This growth impacted him significantly, both from a personal and professional perspective, and he is truly grateful to have shared this journey with his fellow 15 cohort members. He views education in an even more positive light because of his participation in the program, and remains humble, yet confident, that he is now equipped with the requisite tools to achieve the goals set forth in his dissertation.