Group photo of faculty and staff affiliated with the Catholic School Administration program

Loyola Marymount University’s Certificate in Catholic School Administration (CCSA) is part of the Department of Educational Leadership and the Center for Catholic Education. LMU and its CCSA program are committed to helping the next generation of Catholic school leaders succeed in the dynamic and changing landscape of 21st century Catholic school education.

Catholic school leadership requires the competencies associated with multiple roles and responsibilities to sustain and grow the school’s program. The cultivation of future Catholic school leaders who possess the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to meet these challenges is a moral imperative that Loyola Marymount University seeks to achieve through this Catholic school leadership program.

The integration of faith and professional practice is made relevant through practical experiences that will prepare students to grow as a Catholic school leader. Studies in CCSA will focus on researching best practices in Catholic school administration and understanding the challenges and opportunities present in today’s Catholic schools. Students will have access to the School of Education’s expert faculty and to our vibrant Center for Catholic Education, ensuring that students enjoy a unique and rewarding graduate school experience.

Program Design

The CCSA is a 10 unit graduate program designed to provide a full year of content in mission-focused, organizational, and instructional leadership. The CCSA supports those educators interested in moving into Catholic school administration or who have been a school administrator but need a concentrated education in the distinctive mission and operations of Catholic schools. The overall objective of this certificate program is to educate and train prospective and novice Catholic school leaders in effective Catholic school administration and leadership. Students receive a rigorous curriculum that includes Catholic school history, mission, law, ethics, budget, finance, operations, marketing, fundraising, admissions, personnel management, curriculum, and instruction. The four pillars of adult Catholic spirituality, technology, inclusion, and the development of a professional learning community give the foundation for each of the four courses of the program.


The Certificate in Catholic School Administration (CCSA) applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree with a minimum 3.0 GPA, be currently employed by a Catholic school, be recommended by a current Catholic school leader, and show a demonstrated passion for leadership and innovative change.