Program Learning Outcomes

Mission and Identity

1. Practice critical reflection and contemplative leadership practice that is that grounded in a Catholic worldview and rooted in a well-formed Catholic identity.

2. Identify, develop, and articulate a clear and purposeful vision for integrating a positive Catholic culture, environment, and curriculum that is rooted in a school-wide mission and vision statement consistent with the Catholic faith and religious values.

Governance and Leadership

3. Examine and appraise Catholic school governance structures and transformational leadership models that provide direction, authority, and leadership in Catholic education.

Academic Excellence

4. Articulate an intellectually rigorous program of education infused with the Catholic faith and traditions that promote student academic success and spiritual formation, fosters teacher professional growth, and emphasizes a culture of continuous improvement.

Operational Vitality

5. Identify, develop, and articulate a clear and purposeful vision of operational vitality through sustainable financial planning, human resource/personnel management, facilities maintenance and enhancement, contemporary communication practice, and institutional advancement strategies.