LMU Family of Schools

The LMU Family of Schools 10th Anniversary... a Decade of Impact #FOS@10

September 2016 marks the beginning of the LMU Family of Schools 10 year anniversary. Through a variety of educational and celebratory events, the LMU Family of Schools will host a year-long celebration to honor its ten years of service to the Westchester/Playa Community. This anniversary celebration will bring greater visibility to the LMU Family of Schools, building bridges and deepening partnerships in the community and across the LMU campus. This 10th Anniversary will culminate with a celebration highlighting the "REAL Impact" of the LMU Family of Schools over the last decade. Read more.

Our Focus

The LMU Family of Schools focuses on creating and supporting a partnership between the University and the schools in the Westchester area.

Mission Statement

The Loyola Marymount University Family of Schools is a university collaborative dedicated to promoting student success and educational equity for the schools in the Westchester community. Our mission focuses on school culture and climate, academic achievement, and college and career-readiness. We accomplish our mission through:

  • Service
  • Partnerships
  • Research
  • Professional Development

Theory of Change

Problem: Students are not graduating with skills necessary for personal and professional post-secondary success.

Solution: The LMU Family of Schools equips students with experiences, tools, and relationship necessary to achieve personal and professional post secondary success by providing 1) systemic and structural support to schools via professional development, coaching, and resource allocation; and 2) experiential education opportunities to students via programs and resource allocation.