About FOS

Our Focus

The LMU Family of Schools focuses on creating and supporting a partnership between the University and the schools in the Westchester area.

Our Theory of Change

Problem: Students are not graduating with skills necessary for personal and professional post-secondary success.

Solution: The LMU Family of Schools equips students with experiences, tools, and relationship necessary to achieve personal and professional post secondary success by providing 1) systemic and structural support to schools via professional development, coaching, and resource allocation; and 2) experiential education opportunities to students via programs and resource allocation.

Our Mission Statement

The Loyola Marymount University Family of Schools is a university collaborative dedicated to promoting student success and educational equity for the schools in the Westchester community. Our mission focuses on school culture and climate, academic achievement, and college and career-readiness.

FOS Will Accomplish its Mission through:

  • Service
  • Partnerships
  • Research
  • Professional Development

Read more about the history, vision, and description of the work of the LMU Family of Schools.


Stakeholder Spotlight

The work of the LMU Family of Schools is made up of stakeholders who care deeply about the students, teachers, and leaders in our education community. Here are profiles of a few of these phenomenal folks:

Manny Aceves, Associate Dean of Strategic Partnerships, School of Education, Loyola Marymount University

Playa Vista Family

Christina Wantz, OWMS Principal

LAX Chamber

LMU Tutor

Lane Bove, Senior Vice President, Student Affairs, Loyola Marymount University

LEAF Fellow

Visitation Principal

BRASS Student

Junior Achievement

Charles Mason, Assistant Director, Admissions, Loyola Marymount University

Irene Oliver, Professor, Loyola Marymount University

WISH Family

Nicki Barel, Teacher , Loyola Village Elementary School

Karen Long, Director, Los Angeles Unified School District