The Child Welfare and Attendance (CWA) Added Authorization, authorizes PPS credentialed individuals (PPS in School Counseling, School Psychology and School Social Work) to work directly with pupils to improve Average Daily Attendance (ADA). These professionals focus specifically on truancy remediation and prevention in order to increase ADA. CWA Supervisors utilize both public and private resources in order to improve attendance culture and increase attendance and well-being for at-risk pupils.

What are the benefits of the Child Welfare and Attendance Added Authorization?

Schools and School Districts are increasingly requiring CWA Authorization or enrollment in a CWA program for their PPS employees in order to improve ADA, school attendance cultures, and pupil well-being.

Who can complete the program?

LMU students who are currently enrolled in the PPS in School Counseling and PPS in School Psychology programs are able to complete the CWA program while concurrently enrolled in their Fieldwork experience. Additionally, LMU PPS alumni from the past five years are also eligible for the program, based on the application requirements listed in the LMU Bulletin.

How long is the program?

The CWA Added Authorization program is a 3-course, 9-unit program that may be completed in either one academic semester, or over the course of two, consecutive academic semesters. The courses are offered on Saturdays during the Fall and Spring Semesters.

Interested in Joining a CWA Cohort at LMU?

While the LMU program is currently open to currently enrolled candidates in our PPS program, as well as LMU PPS alumni from the past five years, we are collecting names of other interested individuals should be expand our program offering to non-alumni in the near future.  To be put on the list for further information, please complete this form to be added to our future contact list.

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*All LMU School of Education credential programs meet the California state requirements as specified by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC). The institution has not made a determination as to whether the credential program meets the requirement of states outside of California.