“I think your program is amazing!” “It’s so specific and detail oriented.”  -Counselor, Irvine Unified School District
"I think it's a great program" -Counselor, LAUSD
Before LMU, "I've never met with (CWA) instructors.” -Counselor, Antelope Valley Union High School District 

Commitment to Diversity and Student Success:

The LMU School of Education trains future teachers, administrators, counselors, school psychologists, and other professionals to deliver an excellent educational experience at any type of school to all students, regardless of race, ethnic identity, gender, ability, socio-economic standing, sexual orientation, and other factors. Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) aren't just buzzwords to us—they form the very foundation of our identity.

"Child Welfare and Attendance (CWA) is a specialized student support service that covers compliance with compulsory education laws, student admission and enrollment procedures, student discipline procedures, transfers to alternative programs, and school climate and safety. Child welfare and attendance combines the knowledge and skill of counseling with knowledge of education and the law to resolve complicated situations involving school choice, student discipline, campus safety, and programs for high-risk youth." ~ California Department of Education

Increasingly, schools and districts are requiring CWA Authorization or enrollment in a CWA program for their PPS employees in order to improve ADA, school attendance cultures, and pupil well-being.

LMU is widely respected for school counseling and school psychology training, with expert research and practitioner faculty combined to provide a well rounded fully integrated educational experience for all candidates.  We draw from our strength in the greater diversity of Los Angeles to provide opportunities in developing skills and competencies to lead.  Our rich candidate population ensures peer support alongside diversity of thought in class and in field experiences.


"I really appreciated that LMU provided a CWA program because it allowed me to approach school counseling from a different perspective. The classes put more of an emphasis on issues relating to attendance, which I feel like, since COVID, are pressing and relevant issues that are currently affecting schools. The CWA faculty are very experienced and helpful, and it's not too difficult to complete your CWA hours along with your regular fieldwork hours! Also, the extra authorization and units give you a leg up in the application process."

Sami Leung (she/her/hers) 
M.A. Counseling, PPS, CWA


*All LMU School of Education credential programs meet the California state requirements as specified by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC). The institution has not made a determination as to whether the credential program meets the requirement of states outside of California.