This manual includes all of the documents which we have used in our UDL Trainings at LMU.

Download the UDL Training Manual.

Section 1 – Introduction

  1. Universal Design for Learning (UDL) overview
  2. Power Point: Universal Design for Learning in Today's Classroom
  3. Article: Providing New Access to the General Curriculum: Universal Design for Learning
  4. Article: Using Universal Design to Unlock the Potential for Academic Achievement for At-Risk Learners
  5. Article: Direct Instruction + UDL = Access for Diverse Learners: How to Plan and Implement and Effective Multisensory Spelling Lesson

Section 2 – Universal Design for Learning Networks and Guidelines

  1. UDL Guidelines – Educator Checklist Version 2
  2. Universal Design for Learning Guidelines (Landscaped version)
  3. UDL Guidelines: Circle Representation
  4. Universal Design for Learning DYI Template – figure A, B
  5. Strategies that support the three UDL Principals

Section 3 – Lesson Planning with Universal Design for Learning

  1. LMU / UDL Lesson Plan Blank Template
  2. LMU / UDL Lesson Plan Template with narrative
  3. Narrative for Elements of the LMU/UDL Lesson Plan
  4. Examples of Curriculum Barriers
  5. Examples of Student Qualities
  6. Example of Elementary School LMU / UDL Lesson Plan
  7. Example of Middle school LMU / UDL Lesson Plan
  8. Example of High school LMU / UDL Lesson Plan
  9. Examples of LMU / UDL Lesson Plan as retrofitted from existing lesson plans-High school
  10. LMU Class Profile Template
  11. LMU Class Profile Template with Examples
  12. LMU Checklist (Student/Supervisor use)
  13. Standard and UDL Lesson Plan Comparison

Section 4 – Additional Resources

  • UDLinks: Free app
  • UDL instructional video website addresses
  • Suggested websites for educators