Why Choose Us?

CAST is a cohort program offered by the School of Education. Open to full-time educators in Catholic schools, CAST allows you to earn an MA in Urban Education and/or a California SB 2042 Preliminary Teaching Credential.

CAST places a premium on technology, focuses on bridging educational theories with the realities of today's classroom, and offers you a convenient schedule that combines online classes with face-to-face Saturday meetings.

In keeping with LMU's commitment to Catholic education, all CAST candidates receive generous financial aid.

Program Options

The CAST program allows candidates to choose from one of three pathways:

  • Option A: Credential Only (1 year)
  • Option B: MA Only (2 years)
  • Option C: Credential and MA (2 years)

Coursework for Options B and C are the same. Units in the credential coursework count towards the MA in Urban Education. However, preliminary credential requirements are not required for Option B (MA Only).


CAST candidates must currently be teaching full-time in a Catholic School, have passed all sections of the CBEST, have attempted at least one section of the appropriate CSET, and meet minimum requirements set by the School of Education.


If you are interested in learning more about the program, requesting a Program Overview/FAQ, or making an RSVP for an info session, email soeinfo@lmu.edu. Please type "CAST" in the subject line, and include in your email:

  1. Your name
  2. Your phone number
  3. The school you teach at
  4. The grade/subject you teach
  5. If you teach full-time