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Welcome to the Center for Undergraduate Teacher Preparation (CUTP). Many of you who are returning students will note that the Liberal Studies program has become part of this larger center. CUTP also welcomes students who are pursuing a single-subject teaching credential in content areas such as Math, Social Sciences (History or Political Science), or English. We hope that the Center for Undergraduate Teacher Preparation brings together all undergraduate students who are interested in becoming teachers in addition to faculty that guide them towards this goal.

We envision CUTP as a vibrant community that draws together all who are interested in education. This is emblematic of LMU's and the Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts’ renewed commitment to undergraduate teacher preparation.

CUTP focuses on providing assistance and support to our future teachers in ways that encourage them to be engaged learners, critical thinkers, and socially responsible citizens. CUTP accomplishes this through service projects, the provision of valuable advising and support for matriculation, and the establishment of a place for students and faculty to gather.

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For more information on CUTP, please contact:

Center for Undergraduate Teacher Preparation
1 LMU Drive
University Hall 2600
Los Angeles CA 90045
Phone 310.258.8806
Center for Undergraduate Teacher Preparation


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