The Bilingual Authorization in either Spanish or Mandarin is available by itself to candidates who already hold a California teaching credential, or in combination with one of our many pathways to earn a Elementary Multiple Subject or Secondary Single Subject Preliminary Teaching Credential along with a Master of Arts degree.  Bilingual Authorization applicants are required to show fluency in all four basic skills in the language: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Loyola Marymount University's innovative program is designed to serve those who strive to be professional, responsible, and socially aware educators prepared to succeed in culturally and linguistically diverse school settings.

Our programs provide a solid groundwork in research-based best practices and prepare you to serve as leaders and advocates for equity and excellence in education. Our candidates benefit from comprehensive support for completing the academic and administrative requirements needed to obtain a California Teaching Credential. All of our credential programs are authorized by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, as well as accredited nationally by the California Association for Educator Preparation.

Students pursuing a Bilingual Authorization with the Elementary Education Multiple Subject Teaching Credential teach in K-5 school settings.  Students pursuing Secondary Education Single Subject Teaching Credential additionally choose a subject area in which to teach. LMU offers Single Subject credentials in Art, Biology, Chemistry, English, Math, Social Science, and Spanish.


Coursework Required for the Bilingual Authorization: Spanish or Mandarin* (*for those who already hold a California teaching credential)

  • EDES 5324: Bilingualism and Biliteracy
  • EDES 5320: Latino Cultures: An Interdisciplinary Perspective OR EDES 5330 Chinese/American/American Chinese Cultures: An Interdisciplinary Perspective (Delivered in Chinese)
  • EDES 6320: Methodology for Language Instruction in a Bilingual Setting OR EDES 6330: Methodology for Chinese Language Instruction in a Bilingual Setting (Delivered in Chinese)
  • Additional examination(s) through CSET - please consult with advisor


Coursework for Candidates who are also seeking a California Elementary Multiple or Secondary Single Subject Credential:

Core Required Courses:

  • EDES 5101: Teaching and Learning in Diverse Communities
  • EDES 5102: Creating and Leading Effective Classroom Environments
  • EDES 5103: Language Theory and Pedagogy: Second Language Acquisition
  • EDES 5104: Individual Assessment to Inform Instruction for Diverse Students
  • EDES 5105: Perspectives and Policies that Guide Education
  • EDES 5106: Using Technology in the Classroom
  • EDES 5107: Integrated Teaching Methods of Diverse Populations
  • EDES 5119: Clinical Supervision 1

Additional Coursework for Elementary Multiple Subject Candidates:

  • EDES 5108: Integrating Early Literacy, Social Studies, and the Arts in a 21st Century Classroom
  • EDES 5109: STEM Integrated Methodology and Elementary Curriculum
  • EDES 5110: Elementary Teaching Seminar
  • EDES 5122: Elementary Clinical Supervision 2
  • EDES 5123: Elementary Clinical Supervision 3
  • EDES 5124: Elementary Clinical Supervision 4

Additional Coursework for Secondary Single Subject Candidates

  • EDES 5111: Content Literacy for Single Subject Educators
  • EDES 5112-5117: Secondary Content Methodology in Languages other than English, Social Science, English, Science, Math, or Art
  • EDES 5118: Secondary Teaching Seminar
  • EDES 5132: Secondary Clinical Supervision 2
  • EDES 5133: Secondary Clinical Supervision 3
  • EDES 5134: Secondary Clinical Supervision 4

Clinical Practice and CTC Credential Requirements

  • Fieldwork and/or Student teaching in classrooms is required for those also seeking a California teaching credential.  See specific program pathway for further details. 
  • CTC credential requirements include Certificate of Clearance, Basic Skills verification, Subject Matter Competency, and U.S. Constitution verification.



Per Federal Regulation 34 CFR 668.43(a)(5)(v), all LMU School of Education credential/licensure programs meet the California state requirements as specified by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) and for the CA Board of Behavioral Sciences as appropriate. The institution has not made a determination as to whether these credential, licensure, and professional preparation programs meet the requirements of states outside of California. If you are interested in practicing outside the state of California, it is recommended that you contact the respective licensing entity of that state to seek information or guidance regarding their licensure and credential requirements in advance to allow for appropriate planning.