Teacher Preparation Programs

The Center supports a number of undergraduate programs that integrate the major with teacher preparation requirements. These teacher preparation programs can lead to attaining a preliminary multiple subjects (elementary), single subject (secondary), or special education credential. A bilingual authorization is also attainable with the multiple or single subject credentials. These programs are directed by faculty and located in several departments throughout the university.*

* Although the programs above are integrated in design, an undergraduate student may major in other disciplines and still complete the requirements for a teaching credential. The Center works closely with these students and their major advisor to design an academic course of study that provides the opportunity to complete both the major and teacher preparation requirements.

Educational Studies Integrated 4+1, M.A. Program

Educational Studies Integrated 4+1, M.A. will provide undergraduate students in the teacher preparation pipeline, working through the Center for Undergraduate Teacher Preparation, the opportunity to earn their Bachelor of Arts, preliminary teaching credential, and Master of Arts in Educational Studies within five years at LMU. The BA and preliminary teaching credential will be earned within the first four years of undergraduate study. Students will earn their BA in a major of their choice from within the various Schools/Colleges at LMU. Simultaneously, the preliminary teaching credential will be earned through the School of Education. The MA in Educational Studies degree will be earned in an additional year through the School of Education as well.   



Per Federal Regulation 34 CFR 668.43(a)(5)(v), all LMU School of Education credential/licensure programs meet the California state requirements as specified by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) and for the CA Board of Behavioral Sciences as appropriate. The institution has not made a determination as to whether these credential, licensure, and professional preparation programs meet the requirements of states outside of California. If you are interested in practicing outside the state of California, it is recommended that you contact the respective licensing entity of that state to seek information or guidance regarding their licensure and credential requirements in advance to allow for appropriate planning.