Why Education and Learning Sciences?

elementary-aged students working together at a table

The Education and Learning Sciences (Liberal Studies) major prepares students for successful careers as elementary educators, specifically in grades K-5. The major enables students to earn both a bachelor's degree in Education and Learning Sciences and a California Preliminary Multiple Subjects teaching credential within four years. SOE works closely with other schools and colleges at LMU to ensure that the program meets the university’s degree requirements and the credential requirements established by the state of California. The program is approved by and meets all the standards of the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

What do Education and Learning Sciences majors do?

Majors learn to synthesize subject content in the liberal arts; apply professional content and pedagogical practices and strategies to classroom teaching; review and analyze educational policies; and engage in fieldwork and clinical practice experiences that connect theory to practice. They learn to apply reading, writing, and research skills, develop pedagogical skills, analyze academic theories, and apply theory to practice. Students also learn to understand and reflect on the complex, rich, and diverse needs of students. Education and Learning Sciences majors develop dispositions for sustained success in teaching and learning across diverse contexts.

Is this major right for me?

You would be a good candidate for an Education and Learning Sciences major if you:

  • Want to be an elementary grade educator
  • Are passionate about helping children learn
  • Want to play a vital role in shaping society and future generations
  • Have diverse intellectual interests

What kinds of classes would I take in this major?

Education and Learning Sciences students take courses to fulfill requirements in four areas:

  • core curriculum
  • major
  • teaching credential
  • area of concentration

Coursework for this major spans a variety of academic disciplines to prepare you for teaching multiple subjects to elementary-grade students. Click here for more information about academic and coursework options for this major.

What special honors and or clubs are available for this major?

Education and Learning Sciences students can earn an invitation to and be inducted into Kappa Delta Pi, the nation’s largest honor society for educators.