5th Year / Clear 2042 Teaching Credential

California has a two-tiered Teaching Credential structure. The first credential, the SB2042 Preliminary Teaching Credential, is valid for five years and authorizes the holder to teach in a California K-12 public school. Within five years of earning your Preliminary Teaching Credential, you must fulfill state-based requirements to clear your credential. LMU's 5th Year/Clear 2042 program is an 8-unit, cohort-based one-year program. It is specifically designed for current fulltime teachers who need to clear their SB2042 Preliminary Teaching Credential and who:

  1. Currently hold a valid California SB2042 Preliminary Teaching Credential,
  2. Are teaching fulltime in the subject/area authorized by their Preliminary Teaching credential, and
  3. Do not have access to a state-approved induction program at their school site.