Credential Recommendation & Email Process

As soon as the Credential Office receives your LMU Credential Request Form and all required paperwork and forms:

  1. We verify that all requirements to hold the credential have been met. Remember that this takes approximately 4-6 full weeks.
  2. Once your file has been reviewed and approved, we send an electronic recommendation to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) on your behalf.

After we have sent your recommendation to the CCTC, you will receive a series of important emails:

  • Email 1: The subject line reads "CTC Notice-Recommendation for New Document". This email verifies your have been recommended for your credential by LMU. Please follow the prompts and live links within this email to complete the application process with the CCTC. You must access your email, complete the on-line application with the state office, and pay the processing fee using a debit card or a MasterCard or Visa credit card.
  • Email 2: The subject line reads "Your Authorization Payment Receipt". This is confirmation of your payment to the CCTC and includes a tracking number for your payment. Please print a copy of this email for your records.
  • Email 3: The subject line reads "CTC Application Received". This email verifies that the CCTC has received both your credential application and your payment.
  • Email 4: The subject line reads "Notification of Credential Issuance". This final email confirms that you have been issued a credential by the CCTC. Please note your document number, the issuance date, and the expiration date of your credential as referenced in this email. This is your official Credential. Please be sure to print a copy for yourself and for your employer.

Important note: The CCTC expects to award and email your credential document 30 days from the date that you complete your online application with paid processing fees. If more than 30 days have passed and you have not received your 4th email (the credential document), you should contact the CCTC at

California Commission on Teacher Credentialing

P.O Box 944270
1900 Capitol Ave.
Sacramento, CA 94244-2700

For hiring purposes, potential employers can view and verify that you hold a credential by visiting the CCTC website at