Rev. Fr. Camillo Abatanie Bonsuuri

Rev. Fr. Camillo Abatanie Bonsuuri is a citizen of Ghana, in West Africa, and has been a Roman Catholic priest for 26 years. During an initial pastoral assignment, Rev. Bonsuuri worked as a “local manager” of Catholic schools in a rural parish. The assignment brought him face-to-face with difficult situations such as inadequate facilities, insufficient staff, discriminatory policies and outdated materials. He is pursuing his Ed.D from LMU during a sabbatical break from his ministry in order to help initiate educational reform in Ghana.

“The course content is broad, emphasizing many aspects of leadership and social justice, and the courses are interactive and pragmatic with professors who are hard working and attentive to students’ needs. At this stage in the program, I have no doubt in my mind that I will be adequately prepared to make a positive difference in Ghana’s educational effort. My doctorate will not only give me the tools I need to function effectively in the educational sphere, it will also give me a status and a voice.”