Carol Goodkind '96

The Los Angeles Association of School Psychologists (LAASP) recently recognized Carol Goodkind ‘96 as Psychologist of the Year. A graduate of the LMU School of Education Counseling and School Psychology programs, Carol was surprised to learn that many of her colleagues, including her principal, had nominated her for this prestigious distinction. On the opportunity to work with students as a school psychologist, Carol says, “Nothing could be more rewarding than working with students for multiple years, seeing them grow up and overcome their problems.”

After a career as an artist and working in various roles within the field of education in Culver City, Carol discovered her passion for working with special needs students. She enrolled in the LMU School of Education based on its strong reputation within the schools she had previously worked.

While at LMU, Carol says, “the breadth and depth of the programs were superb.” From her first day on the job after graduation, she felt absolutely prepared because of the “hands-on approach, relevant research projects and practical applications of what I learned at LMU.”

Carol is a believer in the transformative power of education, and thinks of her own LMU experience as life changing, “At LMU, the education is so personalized and the learning environment is very challenging.” She points to Dr. Brian Leung, director of the school psychology program, as an extremely influential figure during her time at LMU. From him she learned the value of collaboration; she says, “working with students and parents is all about collaboration and keeping the lines of communication open.”

Today, Carol primarily serves the students of Lenicia B. Weemes Elementary School in the Los Angeles Unified School District near downtown L.A. There she makes a significant contribution to the whole school, working with individual students and setting up behavioral and crisis management programs. Carol says of her work, “I always look at the whole person. LMU prepared me to examine various factors and piece those together to find the whole person in each student.” She brings enthusiasm to every school day, remarking, “The work is still so incredibly interesting. Each case study is so unique, the social factors so complex, and the ultimate impact so profound.”

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