Demonstration Projects

In the fall of 2015, the collaborators of TESP decided to undertake four demonstration projects with 18 Youth Policy Institute and Los Angeles Promise Neighborhood Schools (YPI/LAPN).  The demonstration projects will enable us to begin our work with the California State Legislature through the California Superintendent of Public Instruction in order to achieve the support of the State Legislature for collaboration in education. This will provide funds to incentivize  teachers or groups of teachers who wish to undertake collaboration within their school.

The projects address three questions:

  1. How much do school leaders value collaboration?

  2. How does collaboration impact teacher efficacy?

  3. What conditions foster inter-school collaboration?

To answer these questions, the research team will conduct a qualitative assessment through interviews with school leaders, teacher surveys, and focus groups. At the culmination of the demonstration projects, the research team will present key findings to politicians, philanthropists and local and state education stakeholders.