The Education Success Project (TESP)

Two female teachers working with school age children in a classroom.

The Education Success Project (TESP) empowers teachers by providing a collaborative forum with other educators and school administrators. TESP encourages innovative and responsive leadership in cross-sector partnerships to include public, charter, independent, and Catholic schools. Long-term partnerships between schools on a local and an international level have been formed. This unique platform is built on collaboration with special attention to professional development. Teachers and administrators are encouraged to connect and implement each other's ideas with the guidance of a strong partnership with Loyola Marymount University (LMU). A collaborative professional development program, which includes the recognition of each students' potential, while taking into consideration the unique requirements of English Learners, Special Education, and the trauma in today's environment is paramount in the program.

TESP has hosted seven programs including one symposium, five colloquiums, and a global summit. In addition, TESP has collaborated with 78 schools, 20 schools districts, 30 non-profit organizations, 21 federal, state, and local public officials and 11 universities. These gatherings have allowed distinguished leaders to come together and engage in meaningful dialogues. The goals are to discuss the classroom situations and to engage with experts in the field to give support to each other.