About Us

‌MLC Vision

We envision a future where all students have the mathematical reasoning and procedural skills to design creative solutions to complex problems.

What We Do

In partnership with a school district, MLC uses a complex problem solving process adapted from systems engineering to re-define how a district solves their complex system K-12 math learning and teaching problem.

This process finds sustainable & adaptable solutions, maximizes existing time, talent, effort, and dollars, and emphasizes decision driven data collection to develop students as mathematical thinkers, problem solvers, and self-regulated learners.  In turn, the system grows ALL students’ positive math identity. 

Why It Matters

Students grow their positive mathematical identity so they can face & solve non-routine tasks and become skilled leaders in the workforce.

Teachers & Administrators are given the time, talent, resources, and support to provide the best possible math learning & teaching environment without being at the mercy of a forever changing fiscal & human resource landscape in education.

School districts gain the ability to adapt their system in forever changing state & national contexts (i.e. funding, curriculum & instruction mandates, etc.).


For more information about MLC, visit our website at mathleadershipcorps.org.