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"Making the Most of Your Co-Location Experience!" Colocation Conference

The Loyola Marymount University Family of Schools, in collaboration with the LMU School of Education, LAUSD and California Charter Schools Association, was excited to host a one-day conference for all principals working at LAUSD co-located sites, as well as representatives from the LAUSD Office of the Superintendent, Charter Schools Division and Educational Service Centers.

This conference was intended to help co-located communities establish valuable protocols and engage in positive interactions that would ultimately benefit all students.

Goals for the conference included:

  • Getting to Know Your Neighbor Better - Enjoying the chance to get to know your co-located school leadership outside of the campus setting! Build relationships and gain a better understanding of one another's school models and visions!
  • Identifying and Mitigating Challenges - Acknowledging the challenges of co-location and work together to turn them into opportunities!
  • Sharing Best Practices - Learning how other co-located campuses are working together to develop best practices! Explore ways to elevate campus collaboration beyond logistics to include such possible areas as instruction, parent engagement, and more!
  • Building Excitement for the Year Ahead - Before the start of the new school year, taking the time to plan and get excited about the potential of collaboration!


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