Avner Family

The Avner Family, Playa Vista Elementary Schools

"By supporting our teachers, the LMU Family of Schools has become a part of our school community and helped create an environment where all stakeholders can come together to engage in positive outcomes for our children. It is invigorating to be a part of the LMU community and the LMU Family of Schools."

This spotlight is on the Avner family: Dima (LMU Information Technology Services) and Carolina Avner (LMU School of Education) are members of the LMU community who have two daughters, Kathryn and Hana, attending Playa Vista elementary school.

What is most exciting about your participation in the LMU Family of Schools?

As parents that work at LMU we are able to attend and participate in PVES school fundraising events like the Osprey Café, the Halloween Parade, the Spring Hat parade and many others. Because we are so close, we can also volunteer during lunch to help the teachers in the classroom which lets us get to know our child's classmates and see our PVES teachers in action. Being part of the LMU community encourages us to look at the education of the whole person and we see that happening with our children in Playa Vista. Our girls are learning through inquiry and are engaging the world around them with the lessons they learn in the classroom. One of our daughters wants to be an engineer and the other wants to be a veterinarian! Our participation in the Family of Schools is exciting because we are supported by the excellent leadership Principal Johnson gives to our school. She is always present with our children and with us as parents. Principal Johnson's work to help strengthen our bonds as a community at Playa Vista in partnership with LMU has supports our children's academic and personal growth.

What is most challenging for you as parents in the LMU Family of Schools?

The most challenging thing as parents is trying to help our girls with their homework based on Common Core. We were taught differently and sometimes feel stumped when trying to help our children. However, the PVES school community has done a great job reaching out to the parents and helping us better understand how to assist our kids. We were empowered! Our links to LMU also proved valuable in helping us understand Common Core instruction and view it from a different perspective. We asked so many questions! Now we feel confident helping our girls with their homework and Common Core does not feel daunting anymore.

Why do you believe is most important about your role as parents in the LMU Family of Schools?

As parents, we believe we are in a partnership with our children's teachers. To help our children have consistency, at home we support what the teachers practice in the classroom. We also always remember that we are our children's best advocate and work to help the teachers understand our girls' needs.