Teacher Testimonials

"CMAST System so works! I love it! Science methods is just reinforcing the brilliance you guys put together! Thanks for creating this program/design, sharing it, and supporting us!"
- Skyler Mosenthal, Math Teacher, LMU PLACE Corps


"I am enjoying being a Teacher Leader and I must say that I am learning a lot by doing all of this."
- Andrew Osterhaus, Physics Teacher, Animo Pat Brown


"Thanks for the invitation to the CMAST PD today. It was very helpful. I have struggled for years with the concept of 'reviewing' for exams as it seems pointless for me to repeat the information for the students. The strategies presented today appear to be a very authentic and manageable way for students to take more ownership of learning and reviewing!"
- Alicia Gonzalez, Geometry Teacher, Animo Leadership


"Thanks for everything. I feel like teaching has given me a greater appreciation for teachers. At this point in my career, I feel like you're the closest thing to a teacher that I have and I appreciate our conversations, your feedback and your insights. I also want to say thanks for making the effort to maintain the relationship by asking about how things are going in my life. It's surprising how many people don't make the effort."
- CMAST Teacher Leader


"This year has brought opportunities for growth and for overcoming some fears. So, I am very pleased for the changes it has brought to me professionally and personally. It will be interesting for me to see where I am in a year from now."
- CMAST Teacher Leader


Administration Testimonials

"With the LMU-MAST Program, The Alliance for College Ready Schools decreased the overall percentage of students in Far Below Basic by 10%, reduced the percentage of Far Below Basic to 14% in Algebra 1 and Geometry, and surpassed LAUSD in reducing the number of Far Below Basic in Algebra 2 to 21%."
- Judy Burton, CEO, The Alliance for College Ready Schools


"I met with the math teachers and they are so happy to have had this year with CMAST! Wow, what a transition from September. They especially loved how you and the mentors did not give them everything at once, and how the program unfolded through the year. Thank you."
- Aileen Harbeck, Principal, Dana Middle School


"The MAST program offered through LMU-CMAST provided our teachers and administrators with the guidance and support needed to transform our mathematics program. The implementation of the MAST strategies helped our teachers develop their instructional pedagogy and resulted in an increase in students' proficient and advanced in Algebra I from 14% to 52% in one school year. Even more impressive was the significant decrease in students scoring below and far-below basic."
- Emilio Pack, Ed.D. Director of New School Development, Alliance for College-Ready Public Schools


"Very impressed with the degree of complexity and in-depth teaching these methodologies will encourage. I think it'll also encourage teachers to solidify and re-master content in order to deliver more effective instruction."
- Jenny Taylor, Administrator, J.H. Hull Middle School


Student Testimonials

"My math teacher is awesome! He helps me better understand math. Honestly, before he became my teacher I absolutely 'hated' math. I will admit its not my favorite class but it is the most interesting math class I have ever taken."
- Student of CMAST Clinical Faculty


"My current teacher is great because he explains everything to us very well and he gives us lots of practice problems so we understand the subject."
- Student of a CMAST Teacher Leader


"This teacher has shown me that math can be fun and I absolutely love her teaching methods I was never motivated about math in my life and I respect my teacher for that."
- Student of CMAST Clinical Faculty


"(Mr. G) is a really great teacher. Seriously, he's willing to carefully assess how we're doing in terms of our understanding, not just the letters and number grades. He tries hard to make sure we truly grasp the concept and not just get good marks on tests. Plus, he's willingness to experiment and adapt his teaching style to his class is very refreshing and welcome."
- Student of a CMAST Teacher Leader