Alliance for College-Ready Public Schools Results

MAST began program implementation at Alliance School CRAHS #4 in'07-'08. After one year of MAST implementation, 91% of CRAHS #4 students were Proficient and above on their CST scores compared to all Alliance Schools, who were averaging 58% proficiency and above.

For 2010, only 58% of students scored proficient or above in Alliance schools. At CRAHS #4, where MAST was in effect, 98% of students scored proficient or above, a 40% increase in passing students.

CRAHS #4 Subject specific success markers

From 2007 to 2009, CRAHS #4 has improved dramatically in CST Algebra scores.

In 2007, only 14% of students at CRAHS #4 scored Proficient or Above on the Algebra CST.

In 2008, after one year of MAST implementation, 52% of students scored Proficient or Above on their Algebra CST, an increased 38%.

By 2009, after two years of MAST implementation, 76% of CRAHS #4 students scored Proficient or Above on the CST in Algebra. After three years of MAST implementation at CRAHS #4, CST scores in Algebra grew 62%.

Compared to Alliance Control School (which does not have a MAST program in place), CRAHS #4 had a proficient and above score of 69%, 50% higher than that of a school where MAST was not in effect.

In regards to Geometry at CRAHS #4, MAST implementation circa 2006 and Teacher Leader sustainment resulted in an increased student Geometry CST score from 15% to 63% of students scoring proficient and above.

Prior to MAST implementation, chemistry proficiency results showed only 27% of students scoring proficient or above. Within one year of MAST implementation and sole accreditation to one chemistry teacher, overall CST scores in Chemistry increased from 27% scoring proficient or above on testing to 63%, an increase of 36%.

PUC Schools

After one year of MAST implementation, average CST scores for PUC School CCECHS increased a sharp 20% from 2009 to 2010, with 96% of student scoring passing or above.

Average CST scores for CALSECHS grew a significant 33% from 2009 to 2010, with 93% of students scoring passing or above.

Wiseburn-Dana Middle School

From the 2009 to 2010 school year, Dana MS math scores have improved by an average of 15% among all students and specific ethnic groups. From 2009 to 2010, 7th grade math scores rose 18% in a year.

For Hispanic students, proficient and above scores rose 13% and African American students saw a 15% increase.

Animo Leadership High School

Prior to MAST implementation Animo Leadership High school's proficiency score was 7%, 10 percentage points below LAUSD's average. Two years after MAST was integrated into school teachings, Animo's Biology proficiency score jumped to 31%, beating the LAUSD average by 10 percentage points. From 2007 to 2009, MAST Teacher Leaders were now teaching in the classroom and Animo's proficiency score for Biology jumped 28 percentage points to 59% of students score proficient or above, more than double what LAUSD was averaging the same year.

Lennox Academy

Chemistry and Physics Proficiency results grew steady over three years of MAST implementation. A 6% a year increase was seen in Chemistry at Lennox Academy as well as a 9% increase in Physics scores from 2008-2009. Biology rates increase by 5% from 2009-2010.